Examining Your Child's Behavioral Health

Children can sometimes act out, but there’s a difference between a normal tantrum and a behavioral disorder. It’s important to know that sometimes, these behaviors aren’t just phases, but actual issues that your child needs help addressing. It’s important to know when to talk to our pediatrician about behavioral health issues that could affect your child. Dr. Jeffrey Mantia at Grandville Pediatrics in Grandville, MI, can explain behavioral health and when it’s time to take a closer look. 

Managing Your Child’s Behavioral Health 

Behavioral health issues can affect people at any age, but there are many that can begin to manifest in childhood. It’s important that these behaviors don’t go ignored and that your child gets the help that they need to be able to function well. When your child is dealing with behavioral health issues, our pediatrician in Grandville, MI, can examine their behaviors and help you develop a treatment plan that works for your child. 

Common behavioral health issue symptoms can include: 

  • Issues following rules or authority 
  • Frequent temper tantrums 
  • Constant nervousness 
  • Prone to outbursts 
  • Easily angered 
  • Constantly blaming others. 

When your child is dealing with behavioral health disorders, it can impact how they feel each day and how they’re able to function. When disorders go untreated, it can be common to see that your child is struggling in school and can’t pay attention. They may also have issues completing assignments or even paying attention in class. When you’re able to work with your child and create a treatment plan, you’ll find that your child is able to thrive. 

Contact Our Pediatrician Today 

Make sure that you understand your child’s current behavioral health. Call Dr. Mantia at Grandville Pediatrics in Grandville, MI, to learn more about behavioral health issues and when to seek help. Call for more information and to schedule an appointment at (616) 538-2410.