Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician

10 Questions Every Parent Should Ask Their Child's Doctor

When you are looking for your child's doctor or need questions answered about pediatrics, Dr. Jeffery Mantia, founder of Grandville Pediatrics in Grandville, MI, is the right pediatrician choice for you.

He is board-certified and has many years of experience. His highly trained medical staff are also available for your child's needs. 

Ten Important Questions to Ask Our Pediatric Doctor 

  • How long have you been practicing pediatrics?
    Experience in dealing with children and childhood illness/disease is important for parents to know.
  • Which hospital are you affiliated with?
    This question is important, especially in a big city, to ensure your doctor's affiliation is with a hospital where you are comfortable. 
  • Are you a board-certified pediatric doctor?
    Grandville Pediatrics in Grandville, MI, wants parents to know that our doctor underwent additional training to become a skilled, compassionate, and knowledgeable pediatrician.
  • What are your viewpoints on immunizations?
    Parents can have differing viewpoints on this subject. Finding a pediatric doctor with the same views would be comforting to the parents.
  • Do you offer same-day appointments for sick visits?
    This question will be especially important as sometimes it's hard to get your sick child seen during office hours and may require a clinic visit.
  • What are your office hours and do you offer video visits?
    If no office hours are available, our doctor and his skilled staff at this pediatric office work with you regarding any sick or well-child visits your child needs. 
  • Is my child average for milestone development?
    Our pediatric doctor needs to discuss typical developmental milestones with you regarding your child's all-around growth.
  • What is your philosophy about the care you provide?
    Having your pediatric doctor on the same page regarding care practices, antibiotic use, well-child visits, and newborn and toddler care offers the highest level of continuum of care.
  • Who would see my child when you can't?
    Sometimes, our pediatric doctor may be busy, so meeting the other medical staff who may treat your child during their visit is important, and being comfortable with all the staff is a must.
  • What after-hours can you provide me through your office?
    Knowing our clinic's after-hours procedures regarding sickness and child emergencies is a priority. We can answer your questions at any relevant phone number we give you.

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These questions are just the beginning of the conversation you should have with our pediatric doctor and his staff. 

Dr. Mantia, our pediatrician, and his skilled and licensed staff at Grandville Pediatrics in Grandville, MI, believe answering your questions and welcoming your family into the practice is important. Call us at (616) 538-2410 and schedule your child's appointment.