Understanding Newborn Cues

Newborns begin to show signs of growth very soon, which is why your doctors will encourage you to keep a close eye on any changes or updates regarding their health status as well as any cues showing signs of developmental progress. Get the best newborn care possible for your new baby when you visit Dr. Jeffrey Mantia and his team at Grandville Pediatrics in Grandville, MI.

What Are Newborn Cues?

A newborn cue is a sign of a baby’s growth and development. It is also the way that children begin to learn how to tell you what they need or how they feel. A cue is important to note, no matter how small, and your pediatrician will want to know about them at each well-baby appointment throughout the first year.

Important Newborn Cues to Look For

Part of the excitement of bringing a baby home for the first time is watching how they begin to respond to the world as well as learn about themselves and others. These are some of the most important and common newborn cues:

  • Opening the eyes, blinking, and looking around.
  • Grabbing the fingers of adults.
  • Smiling, laughing, and happy sounds.
  • Putting their hands in their mouths or sucking pacifiers.
  • Clapping hands and feet together.
  • Reaching for items or people.
  • Crying and fussing (may indicate tiredness, hunger, or discomfort).

Be Prepared with Questions To Ask Your Doctor

When seeking newborn care from your Grandville, MI, pediatrician, go to each appointment equipped with your list of cues and any questions you have. Common questions that new parents have to relate to are the amount of crying that is normal, when the child should be saying their first words, and when they will begin taking their first steps. Additionally, ask questions related to any breastfeeding challenges, cues that indicate a baby may be feeling ill (such as with croup or an ear infection) and the best types of foods to introduce at various stages of growth.

Monitoring and Caring for Your Newborn

Watching your newborn grow is an exciting process yet can also raise concerns that you may want to discuss with a pediatrician. Talk about newborn care and any questions you have about your new baby with Dr. Jeffrey Mantia at Grandville Pediatrics in Grandville, MI. Call (616) 538-2410 today to schedule your first visit.