Recognizing Developmental Issues

Dr. Jeffrey Mantia and the dedicated pediatric team at Grandville Pediatrics in Grandville, MI, are here for all your pediatric healthcare needs. If you are concerned your child has developmental issues, we can help with further evaluation and referrals. Your child can still lead a full and happy life with a developmental disability.

Developmental Issues in Grandville, MI

When you see and interact with your child every day their behavior becomes normal to you. If your child has extreme behavior issues you're certainly aware of that already, but some things like missing developmental milestones can pass by in your day-to-day. Keep up with your children's annual checkups to make sure they are hitting developmental milestones, but contact your pediatrician at any time you're worried about your child's development.

Recognizing Developmental Issues

Developmental Issues in Grandville, MI, are worrying when you notice them in your own child. Some children are at an increased risk of developmental disorders due to preterm birth, a low birth weight, or other factors. But early intervention and treatment can help to ensure that your child leads a healthy and fulfilling life. If you notice any delays in movement (motor skills), language, thinking, behavior, and emotional development, contact us for a thorough assessment.

Assessment and Intervention

Assessment for developmental disabilities can include brief screening tests for your child but also a thorough interview with them. For very young children, the assessment will include a detailed questionnaire for you about your child. Ask your pediatrician any questions you have about your child's habits and behavior, and be honest--we've heard it all. When your child needs treatment, occupational therapy can be very helpful for gaining independence and improving the quality of life for kids who are struggling.

If you suspect your child could be dealing with a mental or physical problem serious enough to be considered a developmental disability, contact us for an assessment. Dr. Jeffrey Mantia and the team at Grandville Pediatrics are here to help you preserve your child's health. Contact us for an appointment about developmental issues in Grandville, MI, at (616) 538-2410.