Immunization Schedule for Newborns

Newborn Vaccinations

Dr. Jeffrey Mantia of Grandville Pediatrics in Grandville, MI can explain the schedule for childhood immunizations that typically starts when your child is a newborn. A newborn is considered a newborn until the age of two months. 

We want your child protected against these deadly diseases through our immunization program. Our goal for your child is a long, happy, healthy life, free from diseases preventable through vaccinations.

Vaccinations are considered a great preventative approach towards society's worst diseases that can affect newborns and all age groups. 

Immunization Schedule For Newborns

The following vaccinations do not stop at 2 months of age; some drop off, others continue to adulthood, and some new ones are added as the child reaches specific milestones. The following are the guidelines for the immunization schedule starting at the newborn stage. We follow the CDC recommendations for immunizing children beginning in infancy.

Newborn Immunization Schedule


  • 2 months, - 1st dose

Hepatitis B

  • 1st dose at birth
  • 2nd dose, 1 - 2 months


  • 1st dose, 2 months


  • 1st dose, 2 months


  • 1st dose, 2 months


  • 1st dose, 2 months

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Dr. Mantia of Grandville Pediatrics in Grandville, MI can explain the importance of childhood immunizations. 

We know that babies do not like shots and tend to cry when getting them. However, it is far worse if your child contacts a severe childhood disease and has no vaccinations to protect them. We are devoted, compassionate, understanding, and comforting to your child during vaccinations.

It is normal for a child to have a mild reaction after receiving their vaccination. However, we can help your baby feel more comfortable during the immunization process. 

We can only help protect your child from diseases once you give us a call. We are devoted to the highest level of child health care and are eager to meet your child's health and immunization needs. Call (616) 538-2410 today.