Why Are Physicals So Important in Children?

Grandville Pediatrics provides physicals for children in Grandville, MI, Physicals are essential to maintain your child's health. Dr. Jeffrey Mantia and the dedicated pediatric team are here for you and your family. Keep reading about why physicals are important and book an appointment for your child today.

Physicals are comprehensive health exams recommended for your child at least annually and before returning to school or participating in sports.

Annual physicals are important for everyone to monitor health and screen for chronic diseases. It is particularly important for children to ensure they are hitting developmental milestones and have the right tools to stay healthy. Physicals include annual tests and screenings that monitor growth and development as well as look for signs of chronic diseases. We also make sure your child is up-to-date on all recommended vaccinations and is safe to return to school and activities with other kids.

Regular physicals also give you and your child an important opportunity to talk with a doctor. When children grow and change their behavior and habits change. Take the time with your pediatrician to ask any questions you have about your child's health or behavior. Discuss your child's medical history and family health history to determine any risk factors for chronic illnesses.

A sports physical is important for children who regularly participate in a sport. We love to hear that children are involved in sports, it helps keep them active and healthy! When your child is an athlete, regular physicals are also important to get clearance from your pediatrician to play and advise on anything they can do to stay healthy while participating in their sport of choice.

Dr. Jeffrey Mantia and the medical team at Grandville Pediatrics perform child physicals in Grandville, MI, to help keep the whole family healthy. Contact us for an appointment at (616) 538-2410.