What to Expect During Sports Physicals

Sports physicals are like a health check-up for kids and teenagers who want to play organized sports. It's a chance to make sure their body is in tip-top shape and ready for action. Dr. Jeffrey Mantia will check your child's height, weight, blood pressure, and heart rate during sports physicals in Grandville, MI. He'll also ask about their medical history and any current health concerns.

Why is this important? It helps to prevent injuries and identify any health issues that could put your child at risk while playing sports. So, whether your child is an aspiring athlete or solely looking to stay active, a sports physical is a great way to ensure they're healthy and ready to play.

What to Expect During Sports Physicals 

During a sports physical with Dr. Mantia, your child can expect a thorough check-up to ensure they are healthy and ready for sports. First, he'll review your child's medical history, including past injuries or medical conditions. He'll then perform a physical exam and, as mentioned above, check your child's height, weight, blood pressure, and heart rate.

They can also expect Dr. Mantia to evaluate posture, flexibility, and strength, plus test their vision and hearing. He may also assess your child's lungs and heart, listen to their heartbeat and breathing, and check for signs of any respiratory issues. Overall, sports physicals intend to ensure your child is physically fit to participate in sports and to identify any potential health concerns or injuries that physical activity can aggravate. The goal is to keep your child healthy, active, and injury-free.

Schedule Your Child's Appointment 

When visiting Grandville, Pediatrics, Dr. Jeffrey Mantia will make your child comfortable during sports physicals by creating a friendly and welcoming environment. He'll take time to explain each step of the exam to your child and answer any questions they may have. Dr. Mantia will also listen attentively to your child's concerns and provide reassurance as necessary. During their initial consultation, he'll perform a thorough physical exam to ensure your child is healthy and fit for sports participation.

Please explore our website to learn about the conditions we treat and the services provided. If you have questions about sports physicals in Grandville, MI, or want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Mantia of Grandville Pediatrics, call (616) 538-2410.