Walk In Clinic

Morning Walk-in Clinic: Monday through Friday 8 am to 9 am

02/26/21 UPDATE - In light of the COVID-19 epidemic, If you answer YES to any of these questions or have known covid exposure we recommend that you call prior to driving to our office. Please note we do not perform covid testing at the office.

Reminders: Only one parent and masks to be worn for everyone age 3 and older for the entire duration of the visit.

IMPORTANT: Please answer the screening questions with 100% honesty. If your child has a cough answer yes. Don’t think “it’s just allergies”, we understand that often someone’s medical condition may lead to that person having some of the COVID-19-like symptoms. Having symptoms won’t necessarily keep you from your appointment; however, it will allow us to triage and treat accordingly to keep that patient, other patients in the practice, and our staff as safe as possible. If we don’t accurately know a patient coming in to see us has COVID symptoms, we cannot be properly prepared. Yes, we wear a mask for every patient we see, but for someone with symptoms, we may need further protection. Please be honest.

Grandville Pediatrics offers a morning walk-in clinic for established patients with acute illness only. Sick children will be seen on a first come, first serve basis. You do not need an appointment for this clinic, rather, you will be ask to sign-in at the front desk. We hope that this clinic will give our parents peace of mind that their child can be seen as soon as the office opens!

*For chronic issues such as stomach pain or headaches that have lasted longer then 1 week, or concussion management, we ask that you please make an appointment. These illnesses may require extra time spent with your provider.